Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AB Tutor

AB Tutor Control is computer and Internet monitoring software that provides teachers with PC remote desktop access and control (AB Software Consulting, 2009). This technology could be extremely beneficial when using the correct pedagogical approach. I witnessed this program in a school I visited recently. I was saddened to see that it has not been used although installed on computers throughout the entire school.

This particular technology is not not outlined in the Managing E Learning course, however, I feel that addressing and identifying programs and software in the nearby environment is crucial in my learning journey. When I seen this program I was excited. Immediately I thought how great this tool could be used when demonstrating and scaffolding to students how to use Google Earth or creating a Powerpoint. This software has the ability to control a whole classroom of desktops. This can be extremely beneficial to those students who sit up the back and are disinterested in watching a presentation on a data projector.

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