Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Online Quizzes

There are immense benefits to students who partake in online quizzes. Dr Dianna Quinn a senior lecturer at University of South Australia (UoSA) and Mr Ian Reid the coordinator of online teaching service at UoSA have written a paper discussing just what these benefits are. Quinn and Reid discuss how students can use quizzes as a form of self directed learning. Students can access quizzes when they are ready, they can get immediate feedback and they can attempt quizzes as many times as they like. This ensures flexibility and encourages students to be self directed learners (Quinn & Reid).

There are many websites that offer creation of online quizzes. To attempt creating my own online quiz I used the website Classmaker (Classmaker, 2009). Although I did not get the chance to attempt my quiz in the classroom (due to time constraints) I feel that every student would have actively engaged in this. I am in a Prep class and they all actively engage with computers. They are always eager and enthusiastic when it comes to technologies. The most important aspect of creating my own online quiz was knowing what the children are interested in and where they are with their learning. This would also be a great opportunity to embed Indigenous perspectives. The quiz could have questions that relate to Aboriginal culture and beliefs. For example, how many witchetty grubs are there in this picture? This would encourage students to make links between knowledge previously learnt. 'Isn't that what Aboriginals eat?'

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