Wednesday, August 19, 2009

RSS Aggregator

An RSS Aggregator stands for 'Really Simple Syndication Reader' (Wikipedia, 2009). When I was told to set one up in collaboration with this blog I wasn't entirely too sure what it meant and what it actually did. I set my RSS up with Google Reader (2009). What this actually does it quite intriguing. You can add any blog to your listing and when you log on it will let you know any new blog postings that are available. This is great for the subject I am currently completing as we are required to comment on each others blogs.

The use of this tool in the classroom could be very beneficial to students. Students can each make a blog and the teacher could have one as well. When students go home they can check their RSS to see if there is any new postings and read about what homework is required, what assessment is up and coming, resources the teacher might find useful ect. Equally important, the peer interaction of reading each others blogs. Some students might not understand something and by reading other students they could grasp the concept. As a future learning manager I will find this very useful. I have heard of schools that send USB sticks home with their students homeworkon it. Imagine getting home and it's already there!

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