Thursday, August 20, 2009


Autumn Flood
Originally uploaded by Ed Karjala

This is a photo downloaded from Flickr straight to my blog. I found it very easy to follow directions of how to set this up. I created an account and added my blog in the send options and went browsing (Yahoo Inc, 2009).

Flickr is an online database for storing photographs with the whole world (Yahoo Inc, 2009). By storing your photos on Flickr you can share them with friends or you can share them with the world.

While I was looking around my account I noticed that one of the ways to organise photos is to place them on a world map. What an interesting way to store them. For example, if a student was doing an assessment on China they could place all the relevant images on China. This could be well used by students throughout units and years to come. Another interesting fact about Flcikr is how people comment on each others pictures and evaluate them in an artistic way. How imaginative using this to teach students about composition, contrast, colour ect. Students could take their own photos and analyse each others and even receive feedback from people all over the world if they wish.

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