Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Webquests are a tool used to actively engage students in learning. A Webquest uses an authentic problem or task and requires learners to work through this. As you can see from my previous posting this sounds like the framework problem based learning. Last year I completed a SOSE subject that required us to work in pairs and create a Webquest. My partner and I chose to work with Webquest Direct (2009). They are an Australian company that looks over your Webquest for you and give you helpful hints and suggestions. Here is a great example of a good Webquest.

I find Webquests to be a valuable fun experience that encourage students to investigating and critical thinking skills to develop higher order thinking. Getting students to create their own Webquests can be incorporated into a school environment well. Students can create a Webquest about recycling in their school and then a lower grade could use the Webquest to investigate, suggest and solve the problem.

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