Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slide Share and File Storage

Slide Share and File Storage both share the commonality of storing and sharing documents on the Internet. By now it has become apparent to me that you can store just about anything on the Internet. I can now understand why some individuals have issues about online privacy and laws.

Slideshare lets you upload Powerpoints to their website. You can then add these straight from Slideshare to your blog. I started a Slideshare account and uploaded a Powerpoint to show on my blog. Unfortunately Slideshre is saying there is an error in completing this request. Nevertheless, here is a link to my slideshare account. I found Slideshare a great resource to looking through people Powerpoints. As I have stated in my blog on Powerpoints it is crucial to grasp an understanding of how to create a decent one. This could be a great way for students to research Powerpoints and gather information for assessments.

Mediafire is a place where people can store files and images and share them with whom ever they wish. There is no limit of storage space and you can manage your own folders.

Here is a document I put onto Mediafire. I feel this would be beneficial to students who wish to share files easily. I can see how this could be great for a teacher to look at a range of documents a student has been working on rather than simply emailing them.

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