Sunday, August 2, 2009

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboard(IWB)! What a fantastic tool used to actively engage students in the classroom.

(Parkhurst State School, 2009)

Last year I was fortunate enough to engage in teaching a year 3 class using an IWB. I found this was an effective tool to keep the children interested and motivated. Parkhurst State School (mentioned in the above video) is a local school that Learning Management students had an opportunity to visit and participate in a 21st century classroom environment. It was astounding to see such a range of ICT's being used. Technology is absolutely being embraced at this school. What a pleasure to see.

Reference List

Parkhurst State School. (2009). Australia only master. [Video Recording]. Rockhampton, QLD, Australia: Promethean Planet.


  1. I agree it is a pleasure to see, and I think that the technology opportunities provided to the students at Parkhurst State School is wonderful, and I think that it can only be beneficial for the students learning as they are engaging more in their tasks through the incorporation of ICT's.

  2. I also agree!
    I am currently at Parkhurst and I love the interactive whiteboard just as much as the students do! Whenever we use the board all of the children put their hands up wanting to have a go. Even those students who wouldn't normally join in because they don't know the answer, they want to have a turn and when they do have a go and aren't sure of an answer they learn through trial and error or look to the class for support.
    It makes school work interesting, fun, enjoyable, engaging, easier and interactive with and for the whole class.
    It would be excellent if every classroom at every school could have an interactive whiteboard in the near furture to assist both our teaching and the students overall learning!